Exploring the Finest Wine Bars in New York City

New York City is a mecca for food and wine lovers, and its wine bars are no exception. From the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar to Bar Boulud, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a casual spot to enjoy a glass of wine or an elegant restaurant to savor a full meal, New York City has it all. Here is a guide to some of the best wine bars in the city.

The Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

is a collaboration between wine director Aldo Sohm and chef Eric Ripert.

The glass menu includes around 40 wines that encourage experimentation, and there is also a simple menu of snacks and dishes to share.

Bar Jamón

is a pleasant tapas bar with a 600-bottle Spanish wine list. Look for dishes such as cod croquettes or grilled sardines. If you can't get a table at the Gem restaurant, head to the Gem Wine venue for walk-ins only and order some small plates.

Tiny Gem Wine

is a unique wine bar with just three small common tables, a counter and a small outdoor space on the Lower East Side.

It does not have a wine list and is closed on weekends.


is the creation of Grant Reynolds, sommelier and former partner of Delicious Hospitality Group. Parcelle was originally a retail delivery store on the west end of 38th Street, but now it is also a wine bar.


, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, includes both a wine bar and a restaurant. You can enjoy a full meal at one of the tables along the long, narrow living room wall, or in the heated back garden with tents. Or you can stop by the bar for a drink and a bite to eat.

LaLou Wine Bar

is located in Brooklyn and mainly serves natural wines.

You can eat salumi and parmesan for the classic wine bar experience or much more elaborate dishes full of umami such as silky and tasty fried rice with crabs and pasta with clams and charred scallions.

Bar Boulud

is an elegant French restaurant and wine bar that undoubtedly has some of the richest flavors in the city.

Il Posto Accanto

began in the late 1990s as the archetypal Italian bar in the East Village - a great place to enjoy a plate of salumi cheese and a glass of wine.

Unpronounceable to most New Yorkers it's known simply as “Compagnie”

and is perhaps the best wine bar in midtown Manhattan. Made famous by Paul Grieco's amazingly designed and detailed wine lists this wine-bar wine bar continues to stand out.


is undoubtedly one of the best natural wine bars in New York - and it is due to the more than 100 flavors they offer all served by the glass. There I had a glass of wine that I had never tasted before - a mix of chenin blanc and chardonnay from Domaine de la Barbinière - in Fiefs Vendéens - an appellation little known in western Loire Valley. New York City has something for everyone when it comes to wine bars. Whether you're looking for an elegant spot to enjoy dinner or just want to grab a quick glass of wine, there are plenty of options.

From classic Italian bars to cutting-edge natural wines, New York City has it all.

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