Exploring the Best Speakeasies in New York City

New York City is renowned for its bars and restaurants, but it's also home to some of the coolest speakeasies. These Prohibition-style bars are often tucked away in a basement, a back room, or even a subway station. You may not be able to spot them on your own, but we're here to help. Some of these bars, such as the 21 Club, have been operating in various forms for many years.

Any place that appears in the meantime is simply inspired by a speakeasy. These newcomers strive to emulate the style of the Jazz Age without its drawbacks. You see, just like we wouldn't do a sub-orbital flight and call it space travel, we really can't say that we fully understand the sights, smells, flavors, and heartbeats of old speakeasies. For instance, Nothing Really Matters, one of the most recent speakeasy concepts in New York, aims to be “the best cocktail bar in the universe”, rather than a latecomer to the retro scene.

But it still outperforms many of its contemporaries just by virtue of its recessed entrance located in a subway station in the city center. Make your way to the city center to see if the style suits you. La Noxe is, like many places, literally underground. Like few others, with the sole exception of Nothing Really Matters, its unexpected location right next to train 1 from the 28th Street subway station gives it an edge.

It has more of an element of surprise than most of its peers, and it better captures that somewhat clandestine quality that other places in this category aspire to. Make a reservation here to enjoy the dressing table decor and the fastest possible exit. As before, Keys & Heels delves into the topic of fashion within a business. This time, the bar is hidden behind the facade of an old shoe repair shop to cut keys.

But before you decide to split the rent with your partner and run out the door to start a new life of romance, remember that the entrance is nothing more than a decoy. Only the drinks and snacks in the back are authentic. Check what travel insurance covers COVID-19 (testing and treatment abroad). Or buy the Heymondo plan with a 5% discount.

Authentic Speakeasies

During the Prohibition era, in the 1920s and 1930s, speakeasies were secret underground establishments that sold alcohol illegally.

They were generally difficult to find, as their location had to be hidden from the authorities. Today, there are a few authentic New York speakeasies left, as well as a new wave of underground bars. If you're looking for an authentic speakeasy experience in New York City, Attaboy on Lower East Side is worth checking out. Passers-by will pass right through your entrance, but those in the know will head to this hidden gem at 134 Eldridge Street. Don't be intimidated by Attaboy's distinguished reputation; the waiters are very welcoming and the place attracts people from all backgrounds.

It's worth the effort as this is one of the authentic Prohibition bars in New York that was in operation in the 1920s. It has a distinctive charm and elegance not only because of its vintage decor but also because of its cozy elements such as wood panels, chandeliers and velvet armchairs and sofas.

Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin is another speakeasy in New York City that transports you back in time. It features vintage designs and decorations that evoke the spirit of the 1920s - and yes there is an actual bathtub used as an accessory! To get to Bathtub Gin enter Stone Street Coffee at 132 9th Avenue. There's a false wall with a red light that you can open but if you need help ask the doorman. To get here go through Crif Dogs phone booth pick up phone dial 1 contact staff who will let you in I recommend making reservation on their website otherwise can be difficult get seat.


Apotheke is a speakeasy located in New York's Chinatown inside an old opium den so it has plenty of character.

As you walk through its 200-year-old door you'll be greeted by a bar that looks like an old European apothecary - even waiters wear pharmacist jackets! Plus it's located in Chinatown so consider starting your day with this 2-hour walking tour - it's one of New York's best tours - and afterwards you can sneak into this hidden room.

The Raines Law Room

The Raines Law Room named after 1896 law attempted ban drinking New York glitzy bar dozens cocktail options choose from hidden behind simple black door so you'll have pay attention direction.

The Back Room

The Back Room has existed since Roaring '20s was speakeasy used many actors gangsters time according website uses same hidden door Bugsy Siegel others originally entered once inside you'll go back time get glimpse what drinking was like during Prohibition era.

Underground Hideout

This underground hideout takes you more than century back pre-war warehouse located below pastry shop 23rd Street space.

Nothing Really Matters

That said what's even more intriguing about this Chelsea speakeasy is its location on 28th Street subway station near Empire State Building To get there go southeast corner between 28th Street 7th Avenue go down first flight stairs knock twice black door right side - it's small space big enough just 30 people so book advance.


With that you have 10 best speakeasies Manhattan explore next time you're town don't forget download map below if you want even more drinks fun check out our guide best rooftop bars New York.

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