Exploring the Finest Craft Cocktail Bars in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn is a mecca for craft cocktail aficionados, boasting some of the best bars in the world. From Grand Army to Maison Premiere, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a Latin-inspired bar or a classic dive bar, Brooklyn has it all. Julie Reiner and Ivy Mix's Latin-inspired bar, Leyenda, offers an array of alcoholic beverages from Central and South America.

Ba'sik is a no-frills bar that could be the modern-day version of Cheers without Sam Malone. Clover Club is the first proper cocktail bar in Brooklyn and has become a beloved venue that serves up some of the finest cocktails in New York.


is a stunning whitewashed space designed by the Brooklyn duo Haslegraves and offers inventive cocktails with a subtle tiki-tropical twist. Dutch Kills is Richard Boccato's modern lounge with waiters who can cater to a crowd with rough affection while crafting delicately adorned beverages.

Toby Cecchini's old-fashioned love letter to Brooklyn, The Long Island Bar, offers classic cocktails in wide, swirling coupes with a charming attitude. Fresh Kills is Richard Boccato's newly opened cocktail bar in Williamsburg that has already earned a reputation for its top-notch brews. Donna is renowned for its Brancolada, an ingenious variation of Piña Colada featuring fresh Branca mint and dark rum at the base. Finally, Sunny's is a retro seafood bar dating back to 1939 that offers karaoke and classic dishes from the sea. No matter what kind of craft cocktail experience you're looking for, Brooklyn has something for everyone.

From Latin-inspired bars to classic dive bars, there's something for everyone. So if you're seeking an unforgettable craft cocktail experience, look no further than Brooklyn.

Destiny Silva
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