Exploring the Best Cocktail Bars in New York City

If you're looking for the best cocktail bars in New York City, you've come to the right place. From award-winning restaurants to speakeasies and hidden gems, there's something for everyone. Seoul Salon is one of the most recent openings from Hand Hospitality, the group behind some of the most acclaimed Korean restaurants in the city. This restaurant, located just outside Koreatown, has the support of Junghyun “JP” and Ellia Park, winners of the James Beard Award and best known for their Atomix restaurant with two Michelin stars.

In addition to a main dining room with a full food menu, there is a separate bar at the front that serves snacks and cocktails made with sweet potato, kimchi, yogurt and other ingredients. Now in its third and largest location in seven years, Mace is one of New York's top cocktail competitors. It's always crowded in its bar, standing tables and cozy booths scattered throughout the space. Their cocktails are unlike anything in the city and are made with spices from around the world.

Saffron, for example, infuses the main ingredient in a sherry mix and adds gin with apricot and amaro with pineapple sage to the mix. It's also known to make an excellent frozen cocktail. The historic address of Attaboy hosted Milk & Honey for thirteen years, another concept of a speakeasy with a truly prudent list of rules. It's no surprise that it has maintained much of the vanity of the original since its owners previously worked on the old archetype.

Nowadays, you can order tailor-made cocktails at the bar or even sit outside. The ever-innovative seasonal options change with the pages of the calendar, while the permanent menu has enough variety for endless back and forth visits. All the classics are available in the elegant brick-clad space of 67 Orange. There's also a sidewalk seating area and a full menu to turn drinks into dinner.

The best selection of recent hidden (or at least seemingly hidden) bars can be found at the 50th Street and Broadway subway station. It's more charming than a trick, with a clean bathroom, bottles behind the bar sparkling like the horizon and their contents expertly used in fun cocktails. Employees Only had a following dedicated to the hospitality industry when it opened its doors in 2004, so you know it wasn't making any effort. It's still one of the city's most venerable beverage institutions, with notable Manhattan restaurants and even an espresso martini to appease trendsetters (and true fans of the combination).

This West Village speakeasy, formerly known as Little Branch, offers a warm atmosphere with low ceilings and soft lighting. The bar's piano usually hosts a live jazz trio, bringing a lively touch to the space. LB was founded by Sasha Petraske, the legendary New York waiter who is credited with reviving the city's cocktail scene with Milk & Honey in 2000, and maintains her vision and high standards to this day. The cocktails here are prepared with care and precision and served by elegant waiters in cold glasses with ice cubes cut from large blocks.

In true Prohibition style, Little Branch is ideal for infallible classics such as Sazerac, Aviation or Margarita. However, it's also perfect for putting your fate in the hands of your waiter. Petraske was famous for her fondness for waiters which allowed her to prepare a drink that suited your cravings. For more than a decade Pearl's Social & Billy Club has been one of Bushwick's favorite places.

For Pearl's team in New York our bars are our living rooms and this philosophy guides their welcoming atmosphere which is reflected in their staff hospitality and eagerness to share their extensive knowledge of cocktails and spirits. This cozy Astoria bar celebrates its first decade welcoming guests with a selection of craft beers, comforting pub food and a friendly unpretentious personality. Sweet Afton's signature cocktails are creative and fun - try Cuffin' Season made with Ten to One white rum, dark rum, Cappelletti, chai ginger honey and lemon or Excuse my French with gin pear liqueur maple orange bitters lime and Prosecco. Shots fans will appreciate options such as Baby Paloma or classic pickleback.

The Raines Act passed in 1896 prohibited sale of alcohol on Sundays except in hotels. At that time most men worked six days a week so Sundays were their only chance to have a drink at bar. However many bars found legal loophole and began adding small bedrooms to their buildings applying for hotel licenses. With two locations in city one in Chelsea other at The William Hotel Midtown Raines Law Room pays homage to classic watering holes.

For most curious customers Raines Law Room Cocktail offers cocktail classes with themes ranging from Mexican liqueurs to whiskey cocktails. When you start feeling New York heat you can have one of their ice-cold cocktails such as Painkiller (with navy blue rum orange nutmeg coconut cream pineapple) hang out comfortable backyard. Elsa's menu includes short but solid selection of bar snacks including generous plate cheeses cold cuts. The Wiggle Room drink menu is short sweet consisting selection wines beers eight seasonal cocktails.

House drinks include creations such as Wiggle 'Tini (with Nordic gin Ketel One vodka cherry blossom vermouth champagne vinegar) Slam Dunk Disco illegal mezcal El Tesoro reposado tequila Aveze white miso banana apricot plus selection seasonal barrel cocktails. Eric Kruvant Darin Rubell Jamie Felber trio New York nightlife professionals behind Wiggle Room trio most popular downtown spots include Pretty Ricky's Mister Paradise. Those who like PDT can attend their cocktail classes on...

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