Exploring the Best Wine Bars in New York City

New York City is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene, and its wine bars are no exception. From the bustling Lower East Side to the trendy East Village, there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy a glass of wine. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to share a bottle with a date or an exciting new place to sample some of the world's best wines, New York City has something for everyone. If you're looking for a unique experience, Le Dive is located in the center of Dimes Square, the ever-crowded Lower East Side microneighborhood.

This natural wine bar is known for its boisterous energy and small but cozy space. With a handful of stools and a single row of tables, Le Dive is perfect for those looking to sample some lesser-known orange wine flavors from Greece or oxidized options from the Jura. For those looking for something more intimate, Ruffian is another great option for wine lovers. This 19-seat East Village wine bar features more than 250 natural wines, mostly from small producers from Southern and Eastern Europe.

The expert staff will always be happy to go into detail while serving up these unique flavors. Plus, Ruffian also has a patio with Mediterranean food and drinks from their “Drinking on the Beach” section of the menu.

June Wine Bar

has long been a staple of Brooklyn's natural wine scene. Located in Carrol Garden's, this relaxed neighborhood favorite recently received an exciting boost when it hired executive chef Diego Moya (formerly a member of Racines).

The wine list leans towards the more natural side of things, with a section called “It's not champagne, but it tastes great”. For those looking for a window into what the hottest independent producers are right now, Moonflower offers a kaleidoscopic view that matches its equally colorful interiors. La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels is also one of the best in the business, with more than 450 bottle references and delicious small plates.

Corkbuzz Wine Studio

is another great option for serious Spanish wine lovers or those looking to expand their knowledge of Spanish wine. Founded and owned by master sommelier Laura Maniec-Fiorvanti, Corkbuzz has two locations in Union Square and Chelsea Market, making it easy to sample a variety of wines in flight format.

Charlie Bird

is another great place to eat and drink in SoHo.

With its menu focusing on nature, Charlie Bird highlights producers from classic and unusual regions, ranging from Mallorca to western Georgia.

Crown Shy

is an ode to the West Village that opened this spring. With its optimal location within the general space, Crown Shy is ideal for drinking wine to go (only at the market) and enjoying it alongside a variety of delicacies from different food providers. New York City has long been considered an epicenter of the global wine scene and, in recent years, it has taken some interesting turns. As the world begins to open its doors again, safely enjoying New York's best wine bars is one of the best ways to celebrate.


, located in the East Village, is another great option. Described by the New York Times as “a little piece of Nolita's 6th district”, this French-inspired wine bar promises to overdeliver.

Made famous by Paul Grieco's amazingly designed and detailed wine lists, Claud continues to stand out and always offers interesting wines at good prices.


, one of Brooklyn's best spots for natural wines from places like Germany, Austria or a cave in southeastern France, is an iconic restaurant that is an excellent choice for those looking for an exciting night out. New York City offers something for everyone when it comes to exploring its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene. From cozy spots to share a bottle with a date to exciting new places to sample some of the world's best wines, there are plenty of options available. Whether you're looking for natural wines from Greece or oxidized options from Jura or Mallorca to western Georgia - there are plenty of places that offer unique experiences.

Le Dive, Ruffian, June Wine Bar, Moonflower, La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, Corkbuzz Wine Studio, Charlie Bird and Crown Shy are just some of the amazing places you can visit while exploring New York City's best wine bars. Claud and Rhodora are also great options that offer interesting wines at good prices. As we all start opening our doors again safely after this pandemic period - celebrating with New York's best wine bars is one of the best ways to do it!.

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