Exploring the Best Speakeasy Bars in New York City

The Jazz Age was a time of prohibition and clandestine bars, and while some of those bars, such as the 21 Club, have been around for many years, new speakeasies have been popping up in New York City. These newcomers aim to capture the style of the Jazz Age without its drawbacks. You can't truly experience the sights, smells, flavors, and heartbeats of old speakeasies, but you can still find places that come close. Nothing Really Matters is one of the latest speakeasy concepts in New York City.

It's located in a subway station in the city center and strives to be “the best cocktail bar in the universe”. La Noxe is another great option, situated literally underground next to train 1 from the 28th Street subway station. It has an element of surprise that many other speakeasies lack.

Keys & Heels

is a bar behind the facade of an old shoe repair shop.

It's a great place to enjoy drinks and snacks while admiring the dressing table decor. Venice Bar is located behind a velvet curtain near the hosts' booth at Saint Theo Italian restaurant. The luxurious golden interiors are best enjoyed while sipping The Moonraker, a blend of gin, Italicus bergamot liqueur, vermouth, and lemon-thyme tincture. Apotheke is an apothecary-themed “speakeasy” located in what was once an opium den in Chinatown.

The bar has original tin ceilings painted in gold, long cozy sofas, and cocktail ingredients from its rooftop garden. Try The Matador for a stimulating blend of tequila, red pepper, melon and habanero tincture or Pink Panther for a stress-relieving rum infused with Palo Santo and coconut milk. Attaboy is another great option with a simple entrance behind a smooth metal door (look for the “AB”). Inside you'll find whitewashed bricks and subdued romantic lighting.

There's no menu here so you can get tailor-made cocktails based on your tastes and preferences. Bathtub Gin is another great option for those looking for an immersive 1920s speakeasy experience. The facade of the space is a coffee shop that operates during the day, but at night they take you to the back to find an opulent space with a copper bathtub with legs and Chesterfield sofas. Try Flippin' Good with its quail egg and passion fruit brandy or Blasta Kick with homemade hazelnut butter and Scotch whiskey. Sakagura is a sake bar hidden inside an office building that has been introducing New Yorkers to sake since 1996. Look for the red sign at Gold Flower restaurant to find Apotheke or head to Five Guys on Bleeker Street in the West Village for The Garret on the second floor.

Little Branch is another great option located on Seventh Avenue in West Village with low ceilings and built-in cabins that create a cozy atmosphere.

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