Exploring the Finest Craft Beer Bars in New York City

Are you looking for the best craft beer bars in New York City? Look no further! From Harlem Hops to As Is NYC, this article will guide you through the top beer bars in the city. Harlem Hops is the ideal spot to enjoy a cold one in Harlem. It's conveniently located near subway station 135 and offers a wide selection of hard-to-find beers from small-batch breweries and businesses owned by people of color. You can savor these drinks at a large keg table in your backyard.

The bar boasts 16 swivel faucets and an extensive list of bottles and cans. Many of the beers and spirits are produced by local businesses, families, and small companies. There is also a small menu of snacks, such as sausages and locally sourced sausages, or pretzels. As Is NYC is a modern cocktail and beer bar with a new American kitchen in Hell's Kitchen. It's featured in many New York guides as one of the best beer choices and delicious pub food, and it has won the municipal award for the best beer selection at its bar location in Queens.

From drinking hundreds of vodka sodas a night in crowded college bars to serving carefully crafted cocktails at upscale restaurants, there's not much you haven't done behind a bar. You can sit at a table in the dark back corner and share some nachos with someone, or you can just sit at the bar and have an impromptu beer tasting. The Greats of Craft is situated on 10th Street and is one of the best craft beer bars in New York. Their mission is to create a warm and welcoming space for enjoying good drinks and better company. With their rotating selection of craft beer, wines, spirits, and coffee from passionate artisans, they have something for everyone. Blind Tiger is a casual and lively craft beer bar and New American gastropub in the West Village, next to New York University law school.

It offers an excellent variety of craft beers to enjoy. Craft Culture is an artisanal kitchen and beer bar in the Ridgewood neighborhood. It has more than 200 cans and bottles available in its refrigerators at any time, with a focus on the least seen options. Bronx Alehouse is a typical bar that serves up a delicious burger and other bar dishes, which get crowded on game days. Beer Run in Chelsea is like a mullet: there are refrigerators full of cans in the front and a small bar with about twelve faucets in the back. Proletariat is an East Village brewery located in a cozy space, almost full of barbarians, with walls full of framed tattoos and stickers. Tørst is a bar in Greenpoint where beers come in stemmed glasses and draft beers are available in three sizes. No matter what your preference is, these craft beer bars have something for everyone! So grab your friends or go solo - it's time to explore New York City's best craft beer bars!

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For readers seeking a taste of Ireland right in the heart of New York, NY, The Dead Rabbit offers an unparalleled pub experience. We wholeheartedly recommend reaching out for a reservation to immerse in their rich Irish traditions. A heartfelt thank you to The Dead Rabbit for championing our content and for being an embodiment of the best in Irish hospitality. Cheers to a memorable evening at their venue.


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