The Best Happy Hour Bars in NYC: Where to Find the Perfect Spot for Drinks and Deals

If you're looking for a great night out in New York City, The Wayland is the perfect spot. Located on Avenue C in Alphabet City, this bar offers delicious cocktails without the pretentiousness of some other bars in the city. For more information on Pieces Bar, East Hae, Bibi Wine Bar, and Crown Alley, read on. Bar Belly is a cozy and cramped bar located in Twin Bridges, a hidden gem between Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Here you'll find excellent oysters and rosés, low lighting, and plenty of lively chatter.

If you're looking for food and drink deals, this is the place to be - Bar Belly has one of the best happy hour specials in New York City. 169 Bar is another great spot for happy hour. Located on East Broadway in the Lower Eastside, this bar has a relaxed atmosphere and a hole-in-the-wall vibe. Musette is a wine bar in downtown Harlem created by the owners of Pompette next door.

This unique establishment has a European bistro meets farmhouse feel that will make you forget you're in the heart of New York City. The Rum House is located in Times Square and is perfect for those who want to do all the touristy things while still enjoying a great happy hour. This New Orleans-style bar has one of the most beautiful gardens in the city and offers delicious oysters during their happy hour specials. The Mermaid Inn is another great spot for happy hour. This Southern bar and restaurant has Cape Cod vibes that will make you forget you're in New York City.

They offer an excellent selection of wines and have recently moved to LES where they fit right in with the vibes of the neighborhood. Mister Paradise's happy hour is shorter than most other places in the city but it's still worth checking out if you're nearby. This bar was featured in Aziz Ansari's Netflix series Master of None and has become quite popular since then. Las' Lap is a Caribbean bar on Orchard Street with potted plants, flowery bar stools, and a cocktail menu that emphasizes ingredients like coconut, passion fruit, and rum. No matter what your style or budget is, there's something for everyone when it comes to finding a great happy hour bar in New York City. From The Wayland to Las' Lap, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect spot for drinks and food deals.

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