The Best Jazz Bars in New York City - A Guide for Jazz Lovers

Jazz music has been a part of New York City's culture for decades, and the city is home to some of the best jazz bars in the world. From the iconic Blue Note to the intimate Zinc Bar, there is something for everyone. Whether you're a jazz aficionado or just looking for a great night out, these are some of the best jazz bars in New York City that you should check out.The Blue Note is one of the most iconic jazz clubs in the world. It's a paradise for great jazz musicians like Joe Lovano, Kurt Elling, John Pizzarelli, and Aaron Neville.

The club also stands out for its list of resident bands, with Sundays belonging to the AfroLatino Jazz Orchestra. The Blue Note is proud to be the world capital of jazz.The Iridium attracts an exclusive audience with a lineup that is divided between well-known names and those that only jazz experts know. The sight lines and sound system are truly worthy of celebration.Located in the same basement where Thelonious Monk was the local pianist, Billie Holiday sang and Frank Sinatra would come to see her, Zinc Bar by Alex Kay and Kristina Kossi looks like a bogie gin venue, with a stainless steel bar full of vintage decanters and a classic champagne cooler. It's always a good bet for jazz, Latin rhythms and African sounds.

This intimate basement jazz club associated with Les Paul brings together 26% of top-tier local jazz artists nationwide. The restaurant, with capacity for 180 people, attracts an exclusive audience that fits perfectly with its contemporary cuisine and its extensive wine list (from its 450-bottle cellar). Not only is its atmosphere very united and charming, but its new and improved sound system is one of the best among other jazz clubs in New York.The Village Vanguard has existed for more than 80 years and has established itself as one of the most emblematic clubs in Greenwich Village. Celebrity names have come and gone, and nowadays you'll find a little bit of everything.

However, what we always love is going on a Monday night, when you can see the 16-member Vanguard Jazz Orchestra be the star of the show. Opened in 1935 by Max Gordon, The Village Vanguard has the distinction of being the oldest operating jazz club in New York City. Its intimate room has hosted the true legends of jazz history, such as Lester Young, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis & John Coltrane. In addition to that, many legendary live albums have been recorded there.

Birdland Jazz Club

, located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, is one of the most famous jazz clubs in New York.

With world-class jazz musicians playing almost every night and great food, drinks and ambience, it's a must-see for jazz lovers.

Smalls Jazz Club

focuses on music. The club has some of the most talented jazz musicians in the world and has a reputation for encouraging jazz talent.The Smoke Jazz & Supper Club is an intimate venue with some of the best sounds in New York. With jazz musicians from all over the world playing at this club, it's a great place to enjoy jazz music and relax with friends.If you want to enjoy jazz music at its best; head to Birdland Jazz Club. This legendary New York jazz club opened its doors in 1949 and was inspired by Charlie Parker's name - which may explain where it comes from.

Dizzy's Club

, located in the Time Warner Center, is another of New York's best jazz clubs that attracts renowned jazz musicians.

In addition to the iconic Blue Note New York, there is a portfolio of clubs that includes Milan, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Napa and Nagoya & Hawaii.


, which fits perfectly into the creative Bushwick neighborhood, is a small place on the wall that has jazz shows, serves vegan food and even has a rooftop in summer.And so New York's jazz clubs and bars offer a place where both jazz fans and musicians can listen to the best music of the day. Whether you're a musician preparing to make the pilgrimage to the capital of jazz or a fan looking to enjoy the best music, these are some of the best places in New York City as part of our collection of jazz clubs and festivals from around the world. In addition to live shows at these venues, many have created an incredible archive of more than 16000 recorded concerts so you can watch many of these great shows online at Jazz Forum - which also features rotating exhibitions from local and regional artists available for sale as well as providing a platform for some of many promising musicians on New York scene.Established in New York's Greenwich Village in 1981 Blue Note is arguably one of biggest and most legendary “brands” in jazz. The full-length bar which customers were used to climbing in original version now resides in new lounge.

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