Exploring the Best Speakeasy Bars in New York City

The 1920s and 1930s were a time of Prohibition, when speakeasies were clandestine establishments that sold alcohol illegally. These days, there are a few authentic New York speakeasies left, as well as a new wave of underground bars that aim to capture the style of the Jazz Age without its drawbacks. If you're looking for a unique experience, here are some of the best speakeasy bars in New York City that will transport you to another time.

Bathtub Gin

is one of the original Prohibition bars in New York that was in operation during the 1920s.

It features vintage designs and decorations that evoke the spirit of the era, including a real bathtub used as an accessory. To get to Bathtub Gin, enter Stone Street Coffee at 132 9th Avenue and look for the false wall with a red light. You can also make a reservation on their website.

Nothing Really Matters

is one of the most recent concepts of speakeasies in New York. It's located in a subway station in the city center and aims to be “the best cocktail bar in the universe”.

The bar has an element of surprise and captures that clandestine quality that other places in this category aspire to.

La Noxe

is literally underground and has an unexpected location right next to train 1 from the 28th Street subway station. It has more of an element of surprise than most of its peers, and it better captures that somewhat clandestine quality that other places in this category aspire to.

Keys & Heels

is a bar behind the facade of an old shoe repair shop to cut keys. The entrance is nothing more than a decoy, but once you get inside you'll find authentic drinks and snacks.

The Raines Law Room

is a glitzy bar with dozens of cocktail options to choose from. It's hidden behind a simple black door on 23rd Street, and it takes you more than a century back in time with its pre-war warehouse location.

Osamil Upstairs

is a second-floor cocktail lounge located on top of its main restaurant on the ground floor in Koreatown.

It offers an intimate atmosphere with a bar that seats 12 people, a cozy private area similar to a living room, and a common lounge.


is an exclusive 14-seat counter hidden by an art gallery. It offers a super intimate dining experience with an open kitchen with views of the chef in action. A tasting menu is offered that emphasizes simplicity, seasonality and sustainable practices.


is located on 134 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side. Passers-by will pass right through your entrance, but those in the know will head to this hidden gem.

Don't be intimidated by Attaboy's distinguished reputation, as the waiters are very welcoming and the place attracts people from all backgrounds. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience, these are some of the best speakeasy bars in New York City. From vintage decor to cozy elements such as wood panels, chandeliers and velvet armchairs and sofas, these bars will take you back in time.

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